Company Information

PCSHOP.GE is the largest computer shop in Georgia, where you can purchase most modern and best computer equipment from world’s leading manufacturers with ease and comfort.

Our approach to each request is individually crafted. Each of our sales consultants has respective competence and knowledge to present you best and most fitting alternatives to choose from. In PCSHOP.GE you can choose desirable computer equipment from more than 1000 titles from accessories to power workstations.

PCSHOP.GE is a computer shop, that cannot exist without its customers. Only together with you we are able to constantly provide desirable computer equipment on competitive pricing, have the largest assortment of products and be the first shop to present most modern equipment for leading manufacturers of the world.  Only with your help we can be the shop you want us to be – “Your computer shop”. Our first priority is service during the product selection as well as after sales service. We strive to make the process of selection of computer equipment a pleasant experience for you.


PCSHOP.GE was founded in 2005. The first shop opened on 37 Rustaveli Avenue, which became a leader on the market in a short period of time through provision of highest quality products and services. In December 2010 on 16 Vazha-Pshavela Avenue we opened the second PCSHOP.GE shop, the largest computer shop in Georgia. We have the largest assortment of products and officially represent following companies in Georgia: HP, Sony, Acer, Dell, Intel, MSI, Seagate, Toshiba, Tripplite, TP-Link, FSP, Gembird, Microsoft, Kaspersky. The desire of world’s leading companies to be our partners on Georgian market proves our permanent efforts to be the best and the first computer shop to provide you with quality products and services.